How To Play Backstabbers

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Backstabbers instant murder mystery, just add people. One person is secretly chosen at random to eliminate the other players without being caught. Players try to spot the Backstabber and guess their identity.

Almost everyone is asking themselves “Who done it?

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Game Overview

How to Register

Hosting a Game

Joining a Game

Game Play

Tips For Being The Backstabber

Creating a New Game

You must be registered to create a game. Anyone can download and join a game anonymously. Once you have completed the registration process and been verified, you can create a game with up to 12 people. Click to see our How to Register video. Early adopters that register now will not have advertisements forever. We cannot keep the game free forever but want to reward those who give us a chance. Register now, no ads forever.

Click the Create A New Game button, once registered. A Game ID is created and entered by the host to share with others to join. Game IDs are alphanumeric characters only and are case sensitive. Share this ID with others to join the game. You are the Host for the game round.

Creating a new game presents the host with options for number of players and duration of the game. The Host can always extend the duration of the game as time runs out. The Host can give everyone remaining in the game a chance to guess who the Backstabber is If no more time is needed.

Game Creation

Game Lobby

Backstabbers instant murder mystery Game Lobby waiting for game to start.

Invited players join and accumulate in the Lobby until the host starts the game.

When the host starts the game, a Backstabber is chosen at random from the players in the waiting room.

Choose a Gesture for Backstabber

While players are joining the game lobby, the host will select the gesture the Backstabber will use to eliminate players from the game. The host can choose from three non-verbal hand gestures or winking players out of the game.

Not everyone is comfortable with winking, we ask you consider players needs and chose a hand gesture if you feel it is not appropriate for your group.

Host selection of game gesture.

Starting the Game

Gesture To Watch Out For
Backstabber Gesture

Once the host has selected a gesture, and everyone has joined, the host can start the game. Players are shown a quick screen to reveal the gesture the backstabber will be using. Detectives will be looking for someone trying to use this secretly.

Detectives have only their observations to find the Backstabber via interacting with others. Try to guess the Backstabber’s identity but be sure or you’re out of the game.

At any time during the game you can find a reminder of the gesture in use. In the upper right hand corner of the active game screen you will see a small circle showing the gesture for the round.

In Game Gesture Indicator


Your Role Button

A player’s role will either be the Backstabber (eliminating players) or as the Detectives / victims (watching others for clues). The Backstabber has to eliminate all but one other player, without being caught, to win the game

Checking your role should be done privately by clicking the Role button.

Detective Role

Most players are a detective. You’ll see this screen if you are one. When you are eliminated by the Backstabber, you must mark yourself as “Backstabbed.” If you don’t the Backstabber will mark you out from their phone. Play fair!

If you’re ready to guess the Backstabber, then click on the person you believe it to be. Select “Mark as Backstabber.” If you guess correctly, you win. Guess wrong, and you’re out.

Detective Role Instructions

Backstabber Role

Backstabber Role Instructions

The Backstabber uses the gesture to eliminate people, and they should mark themselves out of the game. If players are unable to reach their phone, then the Backstabber can mark them out, once they’ve left the scene.

Game Play

Backstabbers instant murder mystery Main Game Screen Guide

Eliminated Detectives are highlighted in red.

Incorrect guesses are not disclosed, and the player’s point is given to the Backstabber.

Correct guesses win the game and restart another round.

The Backstabber can win by eliminating all but one player.

The host can also end the game early and give all remaining Detectives a chance to guess the identity of the Backstabber.

Backstabbers instant murder mystery How To Play The Game with Main Game Screen Capture

Game Round Ending

Backstabbers instant murder mystery Winners and Backstabber shown in game results screen.

When the game round ends, the results are displayed for everyone to see. Anyone who enters a correct guess and the Backstabber are featured on the win page. Just the Backstabber is displayed if they win the round.

The app keeps track of everyone’s status, assignment of the Backstabber, and handling all guesses. The players are free to keep their focus on socializing and watching others. We believe this focus on socializing and not on their phone screen to be the primary benefit.

Rather than a screen centric narrative to provide clues, the clues are found by watching how others are interacting in the real world.

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