Welcome to the Backstabbers Download page. We hope you enjoy playing our game. You must register in the app to host a game. Registrations during our first year guarantee no advertising ever in your account, good until 7-1-2023.
Anyone can join a game without registering.
See links below.

Download on App Store Link

Click HERE or on the Icon to download for iOS

Download on Google Play

Click HERE or on the Icon to download for Android

*Register during early adoption this spring and you will never have any ads in the app!

Please note our app is only available in the United States and for smartphones currently.
If you intend to use on a tablet, you must verify your registration with your cell phone.
During early adoption and it can be played with up to 12 people.
There is no advertising currently; early adopters that register now will remain ad free for life.
*You must register to host a game.
*Registration information is never shared or sold to third parties, can be deleted upon request.

Newest Build iOS – 1.0.42 / Android Rel 24

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